GSB Summer Camp 2020 — VIRTUAL

Summer at GSB is going virtual! We love how our German summer camps always bring GSB and non GSB students and families together. This year, for everyone’s safety, we will enjoy our time together online. The GSB and Galli Theater NY team adapted our popular summer camp program for the virtual setting. Join us for 9 weeks of activities full of imagination, curiosity, creativity and social interaction.

For details and descriptions of our camps, please click here.

Daily Routine

Students will have three live sessions of 40 min of workshops per day. Students are encouraged to attend all three sessions.

Session 1:    9:30 am – 10:10 am
Session 2:  11:00 am – 11:40 am
Session 3:   1:30 pm – 2:10 pm

Basic Requirements

  • Internet access and a screen (phone, laptop, iPad, desktop)
  • It’s good practice if students, once they are set up, are in a room by themselves to limit background noise and other distractions.
  • Please make every effort to have your child join the session on time.

Age of students per group 

GSB camps are generally geared toward students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 (as of the 2020/21 school year). Students will start the sessions out together and then be divided into break out rooms by age groups (K-2 and 3-8). Activities and roles are differentiated within the groups. Incoming Kindergarten students for the fall of 2020 are welcome to join the camps as Kindergarten students.

Number of students

The maximum number of students is 12 per group (if not stated otherwise).  GSB reserves the right to merge camps if there are fewer than 5 students registered in each camp during any given week.


Workshop per week (Includes 3 sessions/day, 5 times/week)

$ 175     for GSB families
$ 225     for NON GSB families


Registration for GSB camps: 
Please register online at  Enrollment is on a first come first served basis. GSB families have priority for registration and are offered reduced rates. Camps can only be booked for full weeks; single days are not possible. In order to book the camp, direct and full payment is required. There is no refund for camps once they are booked.   If you have questions about registration please contact Sonja Einoedter at

Registration for  GALLI camps:  
Registration is online at GSB families get reduced rates.  If you have any questions about registration please contact the Galli Team directly at

For details and descriptions of our camps, please click here.