Thomas Schiffers

e0fdd3bd-e901-4055-87d0-4d54098578a1Grade 5 Class Teacher, German, Biology, Ethik
Grade 7 Teacher Geschichte, Biology, Physik

For the past three years, I have been teaching at the German School of Lisbon. There I had the pleasure to teach primary as well as secondary school, which was a great experience since I got to know so many different ways of learning and teaching. I’m so excited to be teaching at the German School Brooklyn and to immerse myself into this vibrant Brooklyn community, exploring different cultures has always been part of my life.

I attended the University of Freiburg, Germany, where I obtained a degree in bilingual education and teaching in multi-cultural settings. I completed my teacher training “Referendariat” in Hamburg and went on to educational internships in Perú and Scotland, so – yes – I have many stories to tell.

I also obtained a Montessori teaching diploma, which enriched my bilingual teaching tools tremendously and really changed the way I teach and approach a student. In particular, it gave me a deeper understanding of the importance of learning subject matter at its core and the importance of hands on activities inside and outside of school.

My goal as a teacher is, to work towards building a classroom environment where every student feels safe, welcome, and is seen as an individual, that feels challenged and engaged as a learner.

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