GSB’s Third Annual Summer Gala for the win!

As the gala guests made their way toward the Red Hook water front on Monday evening, the sun started to set behind the Liberty Warehouse, drenching the terrace in beautiful orange light – welcoming well dressed party goers from all 5 boroughs, several countries and many different trades.

Groups of chattering GSB affiliates gathered at the bar, buffet tables and auction tables, which featured 40 unique auction items, including a signed Bayern Munich jersey, as well as a signed KISS guitar! It was the first time that the GSB gala offered digital bidding, which called for a modified check-in routine that was administered by volunteer teachers equipped with iPads. Cell phone tightly clutched in hand, gala goers found their way into the dining area when a musical performance by Sara Dähn & Thomas Blaeschke ushered in the beginning of the official program. The office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams sent special counsel Ama Dwimoh to convey a message from the Borough President to the GSB community. Then it was the board of trustees co-presidents Stefan Stauder and Ilka Wörner’s turn to announce the youngest guests of the evening: the oldest of our GSB students forming the first ever GSB middle school class! The students did a lovely job introducing themselves to the attentive audience and did an even lovelier job introducing the host of the evening, German Consul General, Mr. David Gill.

During all of this the auction was in progress and as the main course was served, the school’s founders Kathrin Nagle and Muriel Plag announced Thorsten Thielow’s GSB Film, the highlight of the evening (yes, there was a video shoot with the kids in the park with a drone capturing aerial footage!). Now that everyone was in tears, the very charming Tricia Patrick (mother of Jasmine, 5th grade) took the stage with a clear mission. Behind her was an empty thermometer with a $5000 marker on the top. It took the GSB supporters just a few short minutes to join forces and reach the $5000 goal of the first ever GSB live appeal! Tricia called out the names of the donors, whose names popped up on screen as the red in the thermometer made its way up to the top, where it actually overshot by $400. Cheers, applause and glass-clinking ensued. Well done, GSB supporters!

When the band “The Engagements” started playing hits with two singers that effortlessly covered a repertoire including James Brown, David Bowie, Prince and – somehow – the Cure – the crowd went wild. Some managed to break away for a minute to scope the auction tables one more time before closing. Others took a contemplative breather in front of a wall of 140 polaroids of GSB students. The kids had written what they will be when they grow up on the photos and it was such a joy to browse the gallery of faces and future possibilities.

Since we are already getting ready for next year’e event (mark your calendars for May 16th 2019), here is the summary of what happened “in numbers”:

35,000 dollars raised for GSB
200 guests in fancy attire
40 auction items to choose from
11 Fifth graders “graduating” into middle school
3 galas successfully completed
1 mission: supporting GSB’s growth

We want to thank all attendees, supporters, donors, bidders (local and non-local), students and parents, helpers and workers, drivers and servers, photographers, volunteers, chaperones, teachers, administrators, diplomats and socialites, corporate partners and school partners!

It was a truly great event thanks to all of you!!

Can’t wait for next year!

The GSB Team