Miriam Werner-Schmolling

miriamGrade 1 Sachkunde

I grew up in Fuerth, a small town in Bavaria, Germany, and got my teaching degree in Nuremberg. I studied education, geography, sports, german and maths for elementary school. After my second state exam in 2014, I moved to Munich where I have worked for the last four years as an elementary school teacher. During this time I was responsible for interns in cooperation with the LMU, the university of Munich.
Between 2014 and 2015, I was part of a special training program for teachers operated by the „Akademie Kinder philosophieren“ and the „Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung“ (a foundation by BMW) to become a philosophical discussion leader.
In 2014 I was delegated for one day a week at a secondary school (Gymnasium) as a „Grundschullotsin“. To make the shift into a completely new school environment for Fifth Graders as smooth as possible, together with other teachers, I developed a program of team teaching, hospitation, differentiation, remedial courses and common guidelines to be aware of the students’ individual needs.

I am passionate about teaching young children because it allows me to help build the curiosity that I strongly believe to be the basis for life-long learning.

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