Jane Marie Hutcheson

janeClass Teacher Grade 3 | English

Originally from Alabama, I currently live in Manhattan in New York City. I began my teaching career in Southeast Washington, D.C. teaching kindergarten and pre-kindergarten. After moving to New York City to pursue my graduate degree, I received both a Master of Arts and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College at Columbia University. My master’s research focused on creating an anti-bias education professional development curriculum for the staff at GSB. I piloted this curriculum with the 2018-2019 staff and am now continuing to work with our school leaders to develop continuing education around this topic for all staff members.

Early childhood education is my passion, and my breadth of experience working with students from pre-kindergarten through third grade has given me a unique perspective on where students begin in school and where they are going throughout the early childhood years. One focus of my work in the classroom is exploring what it means to build a positive classroom community. I believe strongly in educating the whole child, knowing students should achieve academically while also growing in social-emotional skills.

Another passion of mine is teaching students from a multicultural education lens, encouraging students to explore and question the world around them while learning about different cultures. Teaching English at a bilingual school allows me to use my enthusiasm for early literacy and multicultural education to give our students a challenging but exciting atmosphere to investigate the world around them.

When not in school at GSB, I enjoy running in Riverside Park, playing with my Uncle’s dog, Harper, visiting art exhibits around the city, or trying new cooking recipes.

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