Avani Tandon

avani-optGrade 3 class teacher, English/Social Studies/Science/Math

I recently graduated with a Masters degree in Elementary Inclusive Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Though my undergraduate degree was in Public Policy and Economics, I started teaching right after college. I am experienced with NY State standards, the TC Reading and Writing Project and Responsive Classroom. I have taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade throughout charter, public and private schools.

I believe in educating the whole child in a proactive effort to build a culturally aware and inclusive community. I hope to foster meaningful relationships with my students and allow them to cultivate a solution-oriented, collaborative mindset. I intend to instill these transferable skills in my students by embodying them myself first. My goal is to help students view learning as a never ending process where success is correlated with a growth mindset.

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