Afterschool Program 2016/17

GSB After School Program 2016/17

We are very excited to offer a very diverse and exciting after school program. The classes are open for GSB students and non GSB kids alike!

Session period and hours

The GSB after school program is running for one school year,  so you sign up in September and the child stays in the same class for the entire school year.

First day of school and after school is Tuesday, September 6, 2016, last day of school and after school will be Wednesday,  June 28,  2017. We do follow the Public school calendar with slight changes, please check the GSB calendar for details.

Classes start at 4:00 pm and end at 5:30 (if not stated otherwise).


We generally accept students as early as Kindergarten (born 2011) up to grade 5 (born 2006). Please check the class descriptions for age restrictions. Some classes are for GSB full time students only and not open for general registration like tennis, soccer and chess.

Registration and Payment

You will register and pay  via active works, an online event manager. You can choose to pay full tuition now or half the fee now and the other half will then be deducted mid-October. If you need to cancel before mid- October there is a cancellation fee of 50%, if you cancel after 10/15 you are responsible to pay the full tuition.  The tuition is $ 900 for full time GSB students and $ 1,000 for non GSB students for the entire school year.

Register now! 

      Open Play
Spanish   Dance Techniques   Outdoors    Crafts & Stories   Dance Techniques
Spanish   English   German   German   English
K-4   K-1   K-1   K-4   1-4
TBA   Nora   Tanja   Julia   Nora
Galli Theater   Galli Theater   Outdoors   Galli Theater   Chess (GSB only)
German   German   German   German   English
1-4   1-4   2-4   K-2   1-4
Simon/Barbara   Simon/Barbara   Christiane   Barbara   NYChess
Tennis (GSB only)    Soccer (GSB only)     ESL support (GSB only)    Capoeira (GSB only)   Soccer (GSB only)
English   English    English    English   English
K-4   2-4    K-4 1-4 K-2
Court 16   Super Soccer Stars    Julia     The ACE   Super Soccer Stars



Class: Theater

Grades: K-2, 1-4
Language: German
Teacher: GalliNYC: Barbara (K-2) Simon&Barbara (1-4)
Days: (1-4) Mondays, Tuesdays (K-2)Thursdays
Location: GSB
Discover a love for performing through the love of fairy tales. This class will center on learning stage presence, drama games, and movement. All of our classes use the wisdom and multifaceted aspects of traditional fairy tales as the basis for our creative work. Each class focuses on a specific fairy tale and the children choose their roles, rehearse and present their piece at the end of the session.
The students will be split in two groups, each group will work intensively for 1 hour (3:45-4:30 and 4:30-5:45), the rest of the time the kids will be supervised in open play.
Classes are taught by the experienced staff of the Galli Theater NYC.


Session: Spanish

Grades: K-4
Language: Spanish
Teacher: TBA
Day: Mondays
Location: GSB
Our multilingual students are ready for another language! They will be singing , talking and playing in Spanish. Class is for beginners and moderately advanced students  who are proficient in German and English


Class: Tennis (GSB only)

Grades: K-4
Language: English
Teacher: Coaches of Court 16
Days: Mondays
Location: Court 16, 526 Baltic St., Brooklyn, New York 11217
Transportation: $400 for the year
Students will be transported from GSB to Court 16 . They will be supervised by GSB staff until they arrive at Court 16. The fee for transportation is $400 per child for the school year and is to be paid by the parents. Parents will pick up their child at  Court 16.
Court 16’s tennis program for GSB scholars will provide kids of all levels with a motivating and highly technical introduction to tennis.Working with our enthusiastic and experienced coaches and organized in small groups, our program is designed to develop balance and coordination, foster teamwork as well as social fluency and confidence. All key elements in shaping a player’s love for the sport and ability to play it successfully.


Session:   Dance Techniques

Grades:   K-2, 1-4
Language: English
Teacher: Nora
Day(s): (K-2) Tuesdays, (1-4) Fridays
Location: GSB
A survey class of various dance techniques including, Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballroom, West African and Modern. We will spend 2 months of focused study learning a choreography from each style. Different to the creative dance class during the school day, this dance class introduces the students to specific techniques from various cultures. The students will learn a short choreography from each style while also learning about its history and origin.  


Session: Soccer  (GSB only)

Grades: K-1, 2-4
Language: TBA: English or German
Teachers: Super Soccer Stars
Day: (2-4) Tuesdays, (K-1) Fridays
Location: Outdoors and GSB
We teamed up with Super Soccer Stars NYC. They offer non-competitive classes, and use positive reinforcement to teach children soccer skills in a fun, engaging, and educational environment.  Their  unique age-specific curriculum is designed by a combination of early childhood, behavioral, and soccer specialists to ensure that each child is learning, improving their self-confidence, and having a blast from the moment the whistle blows.


Session: ESL support (GSB only) 

Grades: K-4
Language: English
Teacher: Julia
Day: Wednesdays
Location: GSB
This class is for our families newly relocated to Brooklyn. In class the students will improve their English skills to playful exercises, songs and more. 


Session:   Outdoors

Grades: K-1 (Tanja) 2-4 (Christiane)
Language: German
Teacher: Tanja/Christiane
Day: Wednesdays
Location: Outdoors (Prospect Park and surroundings)

Grades K-1, Tanja:  Clubhouse
Spiel, Spass und Freude! We will spend much needed time outside! The kids can choose to participate in  group games, running/exercise techniques, or imaginative/free play. During cold or rainy days we will play inside, and the children may choose board games, imaginative play with toys,  or arts and crafts projects using recyclables. The focus will be on student choice, having fun, and playing with classmates joyfully.


Grades: 2-4, Christiane: Experience Nature and Explore Sustainability Outdoors
Let´s go outside and get inspired by nature! The kids will learn and play outdoors at the Botanic Gardens, Prospect Park, and community gardens. Children will be introduced to concepts related to nature and sustainability in an urban environment, such as urban waters, upcycling/how to minimize our trash, urban farming, and sustainable food systems. Through a playful and creative approach, kids will discover the diversity of nature and learn how to personally contribute to a sustainable future. Note: We will meet at GSB and go outside together each session.


Session: Capoeira

Grades: 1-4
Language: English
Teacher: Trainers from the ACE
Day: Thursdays
Location: GSB
Capoeira is played as a partner game, where there are two winners in the spirit of competition. The physical aspects promote good balance, strength and flexibility, while the mental aspects encourage improvisation, strategic thinking and progressive achievement.
While it is often seen as cool hobby to the casual onlooker, Capoeira commands great dignity and respect from its students. It is a way to stay physically fit, enjoy and honor the music, and celebrate Afro-Brazilian culture.
About A.C.E.: The A.C.E. provides excellent cultural and physical education programs in public and private schools throughout NYC. Programs include physical movement, music, Portuguese language and aspects of Brazilian culture.


Session: Crafty afternoon with stories

Grades: K-4
Language: German
Teacher: Julia
Day: Thursdays
Location: GSB
We start the lesson by crafting animals, figures, or objects using different materials. Children will be encouraged to use different materials and work mostly independently. This class feels very much like a workshop, and the youngsters as well as older grades like working together and helping each other with the trickier parts of crafting. Once everyone has crafted a pal for themselves, we gather on the rug to talk about the characters we have created. Lastly, we round off the class by a story (usually a funny one) with a brief re-tell in the end.


Session:   Open Play

Grades:   K-4
Language: German
Teacher: TBA
Day:  Fridays
Location: GSB
Students will have the opportunity to choose what they’d like to play. We’ll have a variety of options available: puzzles, books, drawing/art supplies, and games. Students will practice their social skills and ability to be self-directed, and have the space to make their own decisions.


Session: Chess (GSB only)

Grades: 1-4|
Language: English
Teacher: NYCChess
Day: Fridays
Location: GSB
NYC chess has experienced, knowledgeable instructors who can provide a fun, rewarding and enriching learning environment that will stimulate, excite and enhance our students school experience and strengthen their cognitive abilities.