Brooklyn has a proven record of successfully integrating people from many a nation. The German School Brooklyn wants to continue this tradition. The school welcomes both German-speaking children living in Brooklyn as well as other expat kids and American students.  “Building Bridges” is an appropriate theme in times of global connectivity and interdependence.

To focus on the competence of building bridges means

  • to know who you are
  • to know where and why you want to go
  • and to know how to get there.

The students will therefore learn

  • how to develop an appreciative self-concept,
  • how to develop proactive decision making capacities
  • and how to develop the grip and grit to reach their goals for their own and the common good.

All this is done with respect to any person and culture and with a keen perception of social needs. Empathy, thankfulness and tolerance are keywords.

The instruction languages are German and English. Children who enter Kindergarten should speak both languages – one language fluently and basic knowledge in the other language. Students who enter Grade 1 should speak both languages quite well. If they need extra support in learning one of both languages before entering our Lower School students have the possibility to join language courses.