Justine Cefalu

justine-optGrade 4 deputy class teacher, Grade 4 English/Social Studies/Science/Math, Grades 5&6 Science

Justine grew up in Cincinnati, OH, where she went to Fairview German Language School, an elementary school very similar to GSB! She left home for the east coast to go to Yale College where she got a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a focus on Biodiversity and Conservation. There she developed a love for hands-on, experience-based teaching, mostly through teaching a farming program for 2nd graders and leading volunteers of all ages on the campus farm. Between college and moving to New York, she taught geometry, music and botany at Arthur Morgan School, an alternative Montessori-inspired middle school in the mountains of western North Carolina. She believes in education of the whole child, not simply teaching the subject but also nurturing and encouraging the curiosity and joy in each student. She is excited to be returning for her second year at GSB!

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