GSB Team

Please meet our team of highly qualified and motivated teachers and administrators. We are very much looking forward to building this school with the support and enthusiasm of such a fine group of  educators!

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kathrinKathrin Nagle
Founder/Head of School, German School Brooklyn

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Muriel Plag
Founder/Educational Consultant, German School Brooklyn
Executive Officer for Global Education, Schulexpert

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Kerstin Haakenson
Principal, Head of German Department

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melissaMelissa Bourgeois
Head of School Development, Head of English Department
Grade 6 deputy class teacher, Grades 5 & 6 English & Social Studies

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Sonja Einoedter
Co-Founder, German School Brooklyn
Head of Administration

henrikeHendrike Stark
Director of Finances and HR

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juliaJulia Stratmann
Director of Marketing

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bacan-smLena Bacan
Director of Operations

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noraNora Stephens
Grades 2-6 Dance/Yoga, Director of Arts and Performances

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jens-optJens van Laak
Grade 6 class teacher, Grades 4,5 & 6 Mathematics, Grades 6 Ethik, Head of Mathematics Department, Middle School Coordinator

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philippe-optPhilippe Sainvil
Grades K-6 Physical Education

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IrishYambaoIrish Yambao
Health Coordinator

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jana-optJana Kosancic
Kindergarten class teacher, Coordinator Kindergarten

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amelieAmelie Goldman
Support Staff

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flora-pic-optFlorentine Schreiber
Social Emotional Coach

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oourania-optOurania Adani
Deputy class teacher, Kindergarten, Art 1+2

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justine-optJustine Cefalu
Grade 4 deputy class teacher, Grade 4 English/Social Studies/Science/Math, Grades 5&6 Science
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jens-music-optJens Ellerhold
Grades K-6 Music, Grade 2 Sachkunde

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SimonFuetterer-e1422808950542Simon Fuetterer
Teacher, Theater

Artistic Director the Galli Theater NY


justina-optJustyna Grabowska
Grade 1 assistant teacher

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henning-optChristin Henning
Kindergarten deputy class teacher

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janemariehutcheson-optJane Marie Hutcheson
Grade 2 deputy class teacher, English/Social Studies/Science/Math

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briannaBrianna Jensen
Grade 1 deputy class teacher, English/Social Studies/Science/Math

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imageFranziska Lingel
Grade 5 class teacher, grade 5 & 6 German/Biology Grade 5 Ethik, Grade 6 History

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loefke-newAndrea Loefke
Grades 3-6 Art

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andreina-optAndreina Mayobre
Grades 3-6 Spanish

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nina-optNina Niklas
Grade 3 deputy class teacher German/Math/Sachkunde/Ethik

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sarah-optSarah Sesin
Grade 1 class teacher, Math/German/Ethik

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amy-optAmy Stiegler
Kindergarten English

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avani-optAvani Tandon
Grade 3 class teacher, English/Social Studies/Science/Math

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wenzeloptKathleen Wenzel
Kindergarten class teacher

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IMG_2060Miriam Werner-Schmolling
Grade 1 Sachkunde

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LisaLisa Wernli
Grade 2 class teacher, Math/German/Ethik

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