Global Community Committee

The German School Brooklyn’s Global Community is a joint group comprised of teachers, administrators and families of children who attend GSB. We are committed to building a community to foster peaceful young citizens of the world who are thoughtful and can appreciate multiple perspectives. We represent the diversity of Brooklyn and beyond with regard to race, ethnicity and culture, family structure, gender, socio-economic status, personal identity and religion. With the support of the school leadership the group explores areas of cross-culturalism, anti-bias learning and the principles of inclusivity to encourage opportunities for students, teachers, staff and families at GSB to grow their understanding of the world.

The Global Community meets twice each semester. Goals of the GC include to agree upon common definitions of race and racism, explore aspects of racial identity development, and learn how children in particular see race. In addition, we work to understand common definitions related to various aspects of gender, explore aspects of gender identity and expression, and learn how young children develop ideas around gender. Trained experts facilitate these meetings to help our school community practice how to address race and gender related conversations clearly, age appropriately, and with the intention of advocating for equity. GSB is proud to work alongside our families to create a welcoming and informed school community.